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Illinois beefing up election security, upgrades will be in place by 2020

The Illinois State Board of Elections is doing all it can to make sure the November election is secure.  But most of the new security efforts won't fully be in place till the 2020 election, State Board of Election's spokesman Matt Dietrich said. Right now, only...

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Illinois’ highest-paid school boss under investigation days before retirement, $762,000 payout

A school board has put the state's highest-paid school superintendent on leave just weeks before he planned to retire after public scrutiny of a planned $762,000 end-of-career payout. With about 1,200 students, Calumet School District 155 is a relatively small district. Two out of three students...

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Governor Rauner vetoes study of supplemental deer feeding

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has vetoed a Senate bill that would have allowed the study of supplemental deer feeding to see if it benefits the animals. Feeding deer is illegal in Illinois, but advocates say the extra nutrition would improve the health of the deer...

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Medication Record Form

Proper medication management can reduce your risk for a fall. Print this medication record form to track your medications and have your medications reviewed by a doctor or pharmacist. Use it to record the names of your medications, purpose for taking them, dosage and timing...

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Help keep our local neighborhoods safe. Start your own neighbor-hood watch today!

Vote on and designate block captains who will then inform the neighborhood of what is happening on their blocks. These block captains will also communicate with local law enforcement to let them know what’s happening in their neighborhood as a whole.

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