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Welcome to Ottawas Own.

Ottawa IL. Business Directory.

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Corner 230
Corner 230 Corner 230 66 reviews Corner 230 on Yelp
230 W Madison
Ottawa, IL 61350


The Lone Buffalo
The Lone Buffalo The Lone Buffalo 68 reviews The Lone Buffalo on Yelp
812 Lasalle St
Ottawa, IL 61350


The Row House
The Row House The Row House 7 reviews The Row House on Yelp
728 Colubus St
Ottawa, IL 61350


Roxy Cinema
Roxy Cinema Roxy Cinema 8 reviews Roxy Cinema on Yelp
827 LaSalle St
Ottawa, IL 61350


1001 Columbus St
Ottawa, IL 61350


Shakers Shakers 40 reviews Shakers on Yelp
121 W Stevenson Rd
Ottawa, IL 61350


603 La Salle St
Ottawa, IL 61350


715 La Salle St
Ottawa, IL 61350


LaynaBella's LaynaBella's 1 reviews LaynaBella's on Yelp
112 W Main St
Ottawa, IL 61350


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901 N 2129th Rd
Tonica, IL 61370


Skydive Chicago
Skydive Chicago Skydive Chicago 43 reviews Skydive Chicago on Yelp
3215 E 1969th Rd
Ottawa, IL 61350


1200 square foot cabin.. Sleeps 2-4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children…. Family Fun! A Ready to use Kitchen. Fully Stocked with pots, pans, dishes and silverware. You will not have to bring a single utensil to start enjoying your relaxing getaway. Refrigerator and stove. Can opener and toaster. Our kitchen is tastefully decorated with several antiques and rustic style hand me downs to make you feel like you stepped back in time to a time when there was love in the kitchen.
J&R Auto Repair located in Ottawa Illinois. Automotive repairing in Ottawa, IL for over 25 years. We are a full service repair shop that specializes in Auto and Transmission repair. We also provide small engine repair at the same affordable price. We use quality parts made in the USA. We offer a full line of tire service and 24 Hour towing.

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