Spring/Summer Fashion Preview 2019

When the cold grasp of winter begins to cease its grip as the floral scent of spring wafts through the air, fashion once more has switched up its styles for the upcoming seasons, bringing you three new trends to incorporate into your wardrobe this year.

Beige on Beige on Beige

Though spring and summer are often popular for their uses of colour in clothing, 2019 has opted to add in some neutral options for those who prefer more classic looks. Designers like Tom Ford, Burberry and Balmain have created all-beige ensembles for their runways, keeping the sandy colour on trend and street-ready this coming season.

Though some may shy away from “boring” beige, the trick to rocking a subdued look is in the accessories. Burberry, for example, outlined their beige coat in golden rings, allowing for a change of texture and lighting in the piece. If you’d like to keep the look true to the runway (thus avoiding any accessories with bright colours), pair your beige look with golden jewellery to keep the palette cohesive. A simple necklace or pair of earrings can truly elevate the look and allow you to seamlessly blend in to any casual or formal function.

Suit It Up

For those who prefer a little more colour in their lives, however, the runways of Emporio Armani, Gucci and Boss offered a different, more vibrant vision: bright colour, in the form of suits. Suits for women have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many choosing to forgo their dresses for the often easier-to-wear (and move in) suit. For 2019, however, these suits show up with both the blazer and pant in the same bright, solid colour, for those who want to look both professional and bold, at the same time.

If wearing a vibrant, one-colour suit, keep in mind that your shoes are of the utmost importance, in which there are two schools of thought: “power clashing” or “keep it simple.” If you’d like to join the “power clashing” club, pick a shoe that is just as strong in hue as your suit, but in the deliberately “wrong” colour (i.e. red and orange, purple and yellow, etc.), to illustrate how confident you are in your look. For those who prefer to “keep it simple,” opt for a neutral flat or heel in order to keep the “brightness” of your look intact, while not causing a distraction with your footwear.

Acid-Wash for Everyone

Denim has always remained a year-round favourite, but 2019 is doing away with the dark and allowing the ’80s to return in style. Designers like Alexander Wang, Missoni and Christian Dior have all leapt onboard the trend, supplying tastefully faded, acid-washed denim for those who want to be both comfortable and chic for the upcoming season.

This casual look can be incredibly simple to incorporate into your wardrobe, given denim’s unparalleled ability to blend into all seasons and pair with nearly all colours and other fabrics. Both jeans and jackets can be paired together or separately, with many or no accessories, as well as with sneakers or heels (depending on the desired look).

For those interested in rocking this trend, a pair of jeans is the easiest item to incorporate into your existing wardrobe and can be paired with a light or dark hued blouse or top. If a jacket is more your style, be careful not to accidentally pair your light denim jacket with a dark-wash denim pant (which can cause the look to appear disoriented). Look for intentional variations in texture, and pair your jacket with a cotton dress to keep you light and breezy on a warmer day.

From beige to bright, pick your hue to stand out this year – at the beach or in the park.


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