Ryan Lemberg and Ottawa Elementary “Separate”

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Back on May 10th,2019
It was reported the Ryan Lemberg was placed on paid leave.
According to Superintendent Cleve Threadgill, he stated “he was not sure
how long the leave will last” and “the situation doesn’t involve student’s or
student issue’s” No criminal charge’s have been filed against Lemberg.
Now as May 29th, 2019
The Ottawa Elementary School District 141 approved a separation agreement with Lincoln Elementary School Principal Ryan Lemberg but remained mum on what led to him being placed on paid leave in the first place. Lemberg has been at the school since 2010. Still, no criminal charges have been charged according to the Ottawa Police Department.
Since my daughter attends this school, I believe it is essential they let us know what transpired at the school to force this to happen. Why allow people to speculate on what really happened?


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