Right or Wrong, Which is it?

Today when I heard of the Nike shoe cancelation because a few viewed the American Flag as offensive, I was at an loss for words. After a pause, the first amendment was in my thoughts, and it must be followed, but I ask, at what price. Then when I discovered the whole two-sided story, I had to speak up.
What will the actions of a few do to the young minds of our country? Has anyone given thought to the dangers of allowing particular language to go too far? These young impressionable minds that use social media have multiple avenues to collect data from that frankly cannot be trusted. How do we teach our young people right from wrong when we are battling the true meaning in 2019. One says this and one says that. Fifty years ago, their message would have been clear, but now not so much.
Now back to the Colin Kaepernick fiasco. First, he says he his kneeling has nothing to do with the American flag. He kneels for the oppressed and so on. Now he tells a billion dollar company to stop production on a much-anticipating line of shoes, why you ask? Because it has an American flag on it and it represents a time when the black man was oppressed. Hmm, double standards Kolin?
Go out and use the First Amendment as it was meant to be used, but remember you must stick to your story as first told or there is no right or wrong.

What do you think?

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