Quick hits: Illinois news in brief for Wednesday, May 8

Comptroller urges caution on surplus report Illinois News Network


Comptroller urges caution on surplus report

Despite the state capturing $1.5 billion more in revenue from taxpayers for April than the year before, Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza is urging caution on how the money is spent.

In a release late Tuesday, Mendoza said the state still faces up to $8 billion of backlogged bills. T

hose backlogged bills could have up to 12 percent interest. Mendoza said her office will prioritize debt service and pension payments.

Sports gambling talks continue in Springfield today

Representatives from several major league sports organizations are in Springfield today to discuss sports betting.

A House Revenue and Finance subcommittee will discuss measures to legalize such wagering and executives from the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball are expected to testify.

Illinois Senate President backs plan to further hike taxes on cigarettes

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton wants to triple the governor’s proposed tax on cigarettes.

Cullerton joined health groups Tuesday to call for a $1 more tax per pack of cigarettes, bring the total tax to nearly $3 a pack.

The Illinois Association of Convenience Stores says that will drive consumers out of state for not just tobacco, but other products as well.

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