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Allen Skillicorn (R) member of the Illinois House of Representatives. State Representative District 66.


Allen was born July 8, 1974, he went to Dundee-Crown High School and received an associates degree from Elgin Community College. A Lifelong resident of the fox river valley,  Allen's grandfather, worked at Crystal Lake High school, and Allen's mother April worked for School District 300 and served as director of the crystal lake Head start program. Today Allen and his wife Heather live in East Dundee where they give back by volunteering for the local therapy dog group and animal rescue. The Skillicorn's are also active members of Fox Valley Church in Dundee. Professionally Allen is the director of marketing for a local electronics manufacturer in Dundee. Allen is also Kane County Committeeman and Executive Director of the good government group, Grassroots Revolution.


Allen has a lot of great causes and currently has many Take Action on-line petitions. The crush the bag tax which Allen says even though Illinoisans already face enough of the highest tax burdens in the county, governor Pritzker and Springfield Democrats are debating more and more ways to tax you. The latest idea is to tax you for every "checkout" bag you get while shopping at retail stores. Allen also has opposed the progressive income tax, support independent maps, stop the gas tax hike, end the illinois mileage tax and support %1 hard cap take back your home.


One of Allen's youtube videos (you can view on his facebook @Taxpayers4skillicorn) he was in Texas statehouse in Austin Texas. His video shows him inside the statehouse and begins by saying he wanted to discuss term limits and why does he want to consider term limits. Two words Michael Madigan. Speaker of the house Madigan who was actually elected in office in 1970. Over 50 years of wealth and power Madigan pretty much do anything he wants. He has no accountability to people or other members. He basically dictates who gets elected who gets millions of dollars for there campaign, and unfortunately, under Madigan's watch, Illinois has fallen 48th 49th and 50th in every fiscal standard. Hundreds of people fleeing Illinois moving to states like Texas. There is a great organization called Texas Term limits that asked Skillicorn to testify and try and compel Texas term limits. Anyone who is for term limits in Congress and draining the swamp is someone with common sense.


On May 3 Allen Skillicorn visited Westfield Community School to discuss with students about Illinois flat tax and why it should not be amended to the unlimited graduated tax. In the end, Allen asked the students to vote and won over the majority of students to keep the flat fee. Small steps have to start somewhere, and I think it's great. Even more significant is how a conservative Republican was actually allowed in a public school to do this in the first place. Maybe I'll save that for another article.


Another reason I like Allen Skillicorn is his work on the 2nd amendment. Monday, May 13th, 2019 he will be hosting "Standing For The 2nd Amendment in Illinois" Rally @Whitetail Ridge Golf Club in Yorkville. Details are on his website or facebook. Keep an eye on him, he is doing great work.

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