Local 150 Strikes in Utica

Starting today, It has been announced that U.S. Silica employees at the Utica facility that are represented by the International Union of Operating Engineers-Local 150 began to strike in protest against (ULP) Unfair Labor Practices alleged to be committed by the employer.

The charges were filed by Local 150 Union. 26 employees that operate and maintain the equipment at the Utica facility were unlawfully interrogated and put under surveillance while they were participating in a federally protected union activity.

Local 150 President-Business Manager James M. Sweeney said, “Federal law clearly states that workers have a right to engage in protected union activities, free of interference from their employers.”  “U.S. Silica repeatedly violated these workers’ rights, and we will ensure that the company is held accountable for these Unfair Labor Practices.” 

These ULP charges are currently being investigated by the National Labor Relations Board.

Photo: Joe Kielan


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