Consumer group offers guide to battle rampant robocalls

A consumer protection group is offering tips to help Illinoisans silence automated robocalls.

A consumer protection group is offering tips to help Illinoisans silence automated robocalls.

Consumers nationwide received an estimated 47.8 billion automated calls in 2018, according to estimates from telecom firm YouMail. Of that, Illinoisans got about 1.8 billion.

About 37 percent of those calls, YouMail estimates, were scams that generated $350 million a year.

“Telemarketers and scam artists have technology that allows them to send out thousands of robocalls each minute,” Citizens Utility Board spokesman Jim Chilsen said.

Among the tips in CUB’s free handbook for dealing with robocalls is how to act if you accidentally answer a robocall. Chilsen says not to “press one to be removed from their call list.”

“That will simply prove to the robocaller that there is a live person at that number and that will open the door,” he said.

CUB’s handbook is available online at

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