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Tri-DENT Operation Scores

Ottawa police and detectives assisted in the arrest of Dale McInerney Jr.age 41 of Marseilles IL., and Ryan  Knott age 33 of Ottawa IL. Around 4:40  Monday afternoon Tri-DENT agents set in motion a controlled buy that resulted in the two men’s arrests. The location was reported to be in the vicinity of 3000 Fairfield Lane located in North Ottawa.

The report said that McInerney conducted the delivery of close to 27 grams of cocaine.  Tri-DENT agents noted that during the controlled drug buy Ryan assisted in making the transaction. Officers also confiscated another 23 grams of suspected cocaine from the area.

McInerney and Knott are charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. This charge is a Class X felony. The men will need $100,000 each to be released on bond.

If the men are found guilty of the charges, it will carry a mandatory prison sentence that will range anywhere from 6 to 30 years in prison.

We need more of these stories of arrest and not a tragedy in our community.


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