justice in the state of Illinois.

Illinois State Police defend 5-year DNA testing backlog

Illinois lawmakers asked Illinois State Police officials about how long it takes to run DNA tests on evidence from murder cases and other crime scenes amid scrutiny of the state’s backlog of untested DNA. https://www.ilnews.org/news/justice/illinois-state-police-defend–year-dna-testing-backlog/article_aa20cf56-f7be-11e8-b32e-bb31a62d7521.html

Should mug shots be made public before a conviction?

Illinois state Rep. La Shawn Ford wants to bar law enforcement agencies from releasing photos of people who have been arrested for low-level crimes until after a conviction. Ford says having a mug shot posted and shared on social media… https://www.ilnews.org/news/justice/should-mug-shots-be-made-public-before-a-conviction/article_30006182-f72d-11e8-80e1-1fc9e4dc6b56.html

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