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The Cult of Spicy Chile Crisp Is Real

Chile crisp is the garlicky, spicy, crunchy condiment that somehow works in everything from noodles to ice cream to peanut brittle. Knowing whispers. Rapt excitement. Swift proselytizing. When a cult is formed around a food, it can seem like it hit the world all at once—with vibrant images of vermilion chile sauce drenching soft-serve ice […]

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Y-Food: Wie gut ist die Flüssignahrung aus „Die Höhle der Löwen“?

„Warum Essen?“ – Mit ihrem Getränk „Y-Food“ wollen die Gründer Noël und Benjamin ungesunde Mahlzeiten ersetzen. Was ihnen dafür noch fehlt: 200.000 Euro und  Unterstützung aus der Höhle der Löwen. 13.11.2018, 21:06 Uhr | Hinweis: Artikel enthält Provisions-Links – Was ist das? Die Gründer Noël Bollmann und Ben Kremer haben eine Mahlzeit in der Flasche…

Y-Food, Poolathlete & Painttablet und Aktimed – diese Startups heute bei „Die Höhle der Löwen“:

Die Investoren Ralf Dümmel (l.) und Carsten Maschmeyer (Foto: MG RTL D) 13.11.2018, 21:12 Uhr | Hinweis: Artikel enthält Provisions-Links – Was ist das? Y-Food, Poolathlete & Painttablet, Aktimed, Klostervogt, Capsair, Walkie, : In der 11. Folge von „Die Höhle der Löwen“ kämpfen wieder spannende Startups um einen Deal. Wer wird die DHDL-Jury überzeugen können?…

Sabre-toothed cats shared their food with injured pride members

Smilodon’s teeth were impressive but injury-pronedpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock PhotoBy Colin BarrasFearsome sabre-toothed cats may have had a tender side. The prehistoric predators risked damaging their powerful jaws and teeth during hunts, but a study of their fossils suggests injured individuals could then rely on their peers for food. Urban Los Angeles is…

Easy Creamy Prosciutto Cracker Appetizer

We’re about to head into that whirlwind of activity called “the holidays.” From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, it’s going to be one long round of parties. And if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself offering to bring a little something for the buffet table. But what should that something be? My advice is to go […]

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The Radical Pie That Fueled a Nation

The bean pie is sweet, custard-like, and a foundationally humble foodstuff. It’s also a culinary icon of the controversial Nation of Islam and of revolutionary black power. The bean pie’s basic ingredients are simple: navy beans, sugar, eggs, milk, some warming spices, and a whole-wheat crust. The execution is also straightforward, no different than any […]

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Vinegar Is the Perfect Pet

Making vinegar is the ideal low-stakes home fermentation for lazy home cooks to experiment with. Is that you? Here’s what happened the one time I tried to make beer: I emphatically bought all the equipment, sterilized it scrupulously by hand, followed the first few steps, and then placed the six-gallon glass carboy of mush in […]

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