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In Belgium, the Fries Are Never Wimpy (Sorry, America)

We may call them French fries in the U.S., but they were born in Belgium as a street food for the rich. Belgium claims the fried potato as its own, and that’s very OK. The small, multilingual country on the border of France, Germany, and the Netherlands isn’t often prone to fits of nationalism, but […]

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Treat Your Plantain Like a Potato

When fried, they’re a restaurant staple. But when roasted, they’re a homey comfort. For about a month each winter, I rediscover the reassuringly filling comforts of baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. I’ll buy them by the cheap grocery-bag-ful and roast them for dinner night after night, topping them with a hot honey butter, like Alison […]

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Rice. Paper. Salad!

You can make any rice paper salad your own, as long as you follow a few loose rules. At Di An Di, a lush plant-filled Vietnamese restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the menu hones in on pho and rice paper-based dishes like banh trang tron, likened to pizza due to its starchy foundation with various toppings […]

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Crockpot Detox Soup

Crockpot Detox Soup Well, the holidays are over. Now all that’s left is the post-holiday guilt. Let’s be honest, the holidays tend to be one long round of self-indulgence. We kick it off by stuffing ourselves with turkey and pie on Thanksgiving, spend all of December munching on cookies and sipping eggnog, and top it […]

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To Find Good Korean Food in South India? It’s Tricky.

It’s been 20 years since Koreans first came to India, so why is finding a good Korean meal there so difficult? India opened its economic gates in 1991, finally allowing foreign direct investment in a country that was otherwise completely closed to the outside world—economically and culturally. Before this, we had one TV channel and […]

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The Queen of Indian Sauces

The incredible story of how South Indian food evangelist Maya Kaimal conquered the American supermarket. One jar of vindaloo at a time. Maya Kaimal didn’t set out to become one of America’s biggest Indian-food entrepreneurs. She did what many educated professionals with culinary aspirations do. She worked at a prestige food magazine and wrote cookbooks. […]

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