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Chicago, suburban mayors call for hike that could make Illinois’ gas tax highest in nation

Suburban mayors joined Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to ask Illinois lawmakers to raise the state’s gas tax by 20 to 30 cents a gallon, a proposal that could make Illinois’ motor fuel tax the highest in the nation and ensure…

Pritzker mulls tax incentives to soften planned minimum wage hike

The incoming governor wants to investigate ways to offset the impact a possible minimum wage increase is expected to have on small businesses. A small business advocate says tax incentives may not do the trick because it’s already expensive to…

Underfunded state government pensions liabilities increase to $133.5 billion

The tab for the state’s unfunded pension liabilities increased by $4.4 billion in the past year and is expected to continue growing through 2028, according to a new report from the bipartisan Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability.

Pritzker is optimistic about state’s future with Democrats in charge

Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker is optimistic about the state’s future after voters put control of Illinois’ government in the hands of Democrats. That’s in contrast to the man Pritzker beat. Gov. Bruce Rauner recently said he’s “very scared” for the state’s…

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