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We are Ottawas Own. This News Magazine is a free service. Ottawas Own started in 2004 as a business directory. We use RSS technology to bring state news from The Center Square to our website. All of our content belongs to the original author. We are growing fast and will be adding new features weekly. Our local news comes from people like you. We do not keep a writing staff, for local news we depend on reports from our readers. We understand a lot is going on in Ottawa that never gets published in our local publications. Crime reports and city government news is widely available at other local websites, and we would rather spread the word on the unreported issues that affect our community. If you have a story, opinion or want to show off your part of Ottawa just click the link on our website. This publication will always be free of charge with no clickbait or “Fake News” allowed. Local stories from local people.

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