+45 Stellar Boho Interior Designs & Trends for 2019

Extending to cover place as well as time, bohemian style embraces traditions and cultures from different places and periods. For some, it is a channel for their love of travel and adventure, and for others a way to break the boredom of their home interiors. A boho decorated space is supposed to be more natural, …

Extending to cover place as well as time, bohemian style embraces traditions and cultures from different places and periods. For some, it is a channel for their love of travel and adventure, and for others a way to break the boredom of their home interiors. A boho decorated space is supposed to be more natural, vibrant, breezy and self-expressive. Therefore, it’s a flexible style that could easily blend with other interior designs. Introducing your place one or two boho trends guarantee you refreshing change effortlessly. Following are 10 stunning boho interior design Ideas for 2019.

1 Let the spaces and environment speak themselves

A fundamental aspect of the boho style is about freedom and openness. So, while decorating your place, allow space and the surrounding environment to inspire you. For example, big windows, or even turning a wall of the place glassy, are a stunning idea, unless you live in an extremely hot or cold area. Overlooking greenery or beautiful scenery is another reason to do so.

2 A neutral base

Neutral-colored walls and rugs provide a flawless base for a bohemian room, especially if you intend to apply bold decorations and loud colors. Pastels, soft clay, light blues, browns, and gray are trendy choices for 2019; combined with boho colors and patterns, they convey a poetic look. Besides, creamy hazelnut and earthy shades with a floral touch would seem like a page from an old book.

3 Bright colored walls with Antiques

The bohemian décor style is about thinking creatively and personal expression. In such a place, there is no big room for rules. Therefore, as a simple color base provides an efficient background for the rich boho decorations, a bright color could do the same. Bright-colored walls add desirable modern touch to vintage furniture and antique décor pieces. In this example, from the book ‘Haute Bohemian’ for the interior photographer Miguel Flores, Seafoam green looks incredible as a backdrop for antique decorations. Dark greens are also expected to grow quite popular in 2019.

Source: Mydomaine

4 Vintage rugs and mirrors

Among the different furniture designs and decoration pieces, stand out the Venetian mirrors and Persian rugs. The classy vintage vibes they convey would complement your interior flawlessly. Dates back to the 16th century, Venetian mirrors are timeless classic items with their long lines and attractive curves.  They are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. Persian and Moroccan rugs are rich in their texture, colors along with the symbolic, tribal and symmetrical patterns.

5 Contrast boho with the classic style

A stunning way to do so is to adopt eclectic furnishings and decorations. Employing traditional motifs from various cultural backgrounds in interior design is a huge bohemian trend that is expected to rock 2019. Italian furnishings are a more than suitable choice; describing the Italian design, the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni states that “We have more imagination, more culture, and are better mediators between the past and the future”. Well, this is precisely the spirit that the boho style demands.  The Moroccan arches and lanterns are another marvelous theme to add to the scene. And, indeed, we cannot speak of classic décor without mentioning the timeless French antiques. Besides, golden framed mirrors and fabric lampshades are classic decorating items that would make a nice contrast with modern designs.

6 Embrace colorful patterns

Creative mixes of colors and patterns represent a primary feature of the bohemian style. The employment of geometrical patterns and tribal prints conveys strong boho vibes and is expected to be quite desirable in 2019. An authentic pattern for the boho style is the Ikat, a tie-dye patterns created from dyed threads woven into textiles. Ikat printed pillows and chairs, with their watercolor effect and loose lines, would be a fabulous addition to your home décor.

7 Calm hues have their magic too

Being bold with colors is basic advice for anyone goes for a boho look. Nevertheless, it does not mean that hot and loud colors are the only hues to dominate a bohemian scene. It is more about thinking creatively and mixing the colors and patterns unusually. So, warm and cool colors could be mixed with a bohemian spirit too. Incorporating blues, greens, browns, beiges, oranges, and rose-colors together would deliver various exceptional results. A perfect way is to apply greens, rose, and other calm hues are natural plants, roses, and flowers. Wooden floors, whether light or dark, add rich browns and beiges.

8 A Big, crowded library

If you are a books lover, no need to worry that a big, crowded home library would ruin the look of your room. Vintage, handmade libraries made of wood form a matching motif for a bohemian décor. You could also add decoration pieces such as small vases, antiques, mementos, frames and art pieces. The point is to arrange its contents vibrantly.

9 The ladder theme

The ladder is a significant symbol in ancient cultures and mystical beliefs that still live until today. Maybe it is a reason behind its presence in the boho décor whether as a decoration piece or incorporated into the furniture pieces. Another obvious reason is to make good use of the space vertically. The ladder should be of simple, rustic design.

10 A hanging chair corner

Now, this is an irresistible, breezy touch. Hanging chairs has been a massive trend in home interior design for a while, and apparently, their glair is not fading soon. They are not a mere piece of décor but of great practicality as well. Properly applying it, it becomes a relaxing spot. You could also put it beside the library if you read a lot for a more comfortable seat. To complement the corner with more boho accents, add pillows of different colors and patterns along with small rug and table.

The bohemian style has always been about freedom, creativity, wide imagination, and above all, having fun. So, experiment, imagine possible changes and play with colors in your mind. We hope that these boho décor trends were of benefit for you and that you have found what matches your taste among them.

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